Industries in Jordan

Jordan enjoys a strategic location and the security and stability in the distinct region, making it the center of attraction.

Domestic and foreign investment in various sectors, especially in the industrial sector, and despite that, Jordan is from relatively poor countries in natural resources, but it is rich in human resources.

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    Industry divided in Jordan are in the following way:

  • Manufacturing include: Leather and Garments Industries, Therapeutic and Supplies Medical, Chemical, Cosmetic, Plastic and Rubber industries, And Electrical Engineering Industries and Information Technology, Wood and Furniture Industries, Construction Industries, and Ration Food Industries, Packaging Industry, Paper and Cardboard and Office Supplies.
  • The second quarter in 2010, Jordan contributes to the manufacturing sector by 16.9% of the GDP.
  • Extractive industry: Industries include mining, which contributes 2.6% of GDP for the second quarter of 2010
  • Electricity and water: The percentage contribution of the industry's gross domestic product is 1.7% for the second quarter in 2010, and accounted for industrial plants small and medium-about 98.7% of the total number of industrial establishments, and that the adoption of the standard number of workers and capital investment for the classification of Industrial installations.

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